Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and controlling

Administrations, hotels, schools, universities, laboratories and industry use and operate buildings with technical infrastructure that must meet demanding tasks. Only efficient technical equipment guarantees an environment suitable for work, an efficient energy supply as well as personal and object safety. IMF supports and advises throughout the entire life cycle of the property in all TGA issues on the following topics:


Competent in every phase

New buildings enable the client to realize his expectations in terms of flexibility of use and efficiency of building services. When refurbishing existing buildings, the requirements of the existing building fabric, the current legal standards and the partly ongoing operation must be taken into account. Precise as-built and requirements analyses can limit risks in advance of a refurbishment.


Experts in many fields

The interrelationships of building services in commercial and industrial properties are often complex. In such cases, the relationship between investment and operating costs can be optimized through competent consulting that goes beyond a single topic area and forward-looking planning. Benefit here from the wealth of experience of the broadly based IMF team.

Naturally sustainable

Increasingly scarce raw materials, the resulting price increase and the increasing environmental awareness among the population have the consequence that the use of environmentally friendly energy sources, the use of modern energy generation plants as well as the resource-saving handling of raw materials are becoming more and more important. IMF takes this development into account, incorporates energy-efficient concepts into the planning processes and offers the following services, among others, on this competence:

Let's be specific

Often, the combination of conventional technologies and alternative energy sources is the most economically favorable solution. By using geothermal energy in the form of concrete core activation, for example, the heating and cooling costs in a modern office building can be reduced by approx. 80 %. The amortization of the investment costs exceeding the conventional standard is about 10 years.

The development of intelligent utilization concepts for the waste heat of e.g. biomethane-fueled combined heat and power plants can sustainably reduce the overhead costs of the production process. Examples of this are wood and sewage sludge drying plants.

The following examples are intended to illustrate how diverse the areas of application for alternative energy sources are. IMF provides support and advice in identifying and planning the potential uses of these technologies and resources.

Geothermal energy (concrete core activation | heat pumps)
Wood chip systems & pellet heating systems
Photovoltaic systems | synergy facade
Solar systems (water heating | solar cooling)
Service & rainwater utilization

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