Precision engineering and refreshingly uncomplicated

The engineering company Meinhardt Fulst was founded in 1994 and has undergone continuous development ever since. Over the years the number of employees grew, the range of services became more extensive and gradually more branches were added. Despite all the growth and a pronounced drive for innovation, the core of the company has remained the same as in those early years: down-to-earth and relaxed.


A nice mix

Speaking in terms of one identity while having over 250 employees may sound a little unrealistic. But in the case of IMF, it’s actually like that. What defines us and unites us is the diversity that we live and breathe. Our teams are made up of both young and experienced colleagues.


From small to spectacular

We work on simple, minor projects as well as the more spectacular, major projects. Partly regional, partly international. We have no work time recording system, there’s no clocking in or daily chores, but still everyone knows what to do and when. Modern digital communication makes our work easier and that is why we think analogue conversations and joint activities are so important to complement this.


Listen, understand, do

The reason for the developments and growth of the past 29 years is simply that we have always made our customers' challenges our own. Once we understand what is wanted, we do everything possible to develop the right solution together. Often even more innovative and better than the task initially suggested.

In this way, we have now listened to customers and found appropriate solutions well over 6,800 times. This map details exactly how and where our branches and projects took shape.


  • Founding of IMF

    Together Meinhardt Fulst and Thomas Münnich found an engineering office for planning sanitary, heating and ventilation systems, as well as building automation, as a sole proprietorship in 1994. First office in Meinhardt Fulst's private home in Lochtum. Relocated to the Schachtweg address in Vienenburg that same year.

  • First employees

    Katrin Windel becomes the first IMF | Colleague.

    Wolfgang Kuß becomes the first employed engineer.

    Nadine Weiß is the first trainee to become a technical draughtswoman.

  • Lack of space & outsourcing part 1

    Installation of container offices at Schachtweg.

    Relocation of employees to the container offices and outsourcing to partners Damer & Partner.

  • First electrician

    Claus Hanke becomes the first employee in electrical engineering.

  • Relocation

    Relocation with 24 employees to the former post office building situated on Kaiserstraße, Vienenburg.

  • Expansion and development

    Expansion of the top floor in Kaiserstrasse to accommodate another 12 workplaces.

    Stefan Hegeler develops the Facility Management division.

  • Relocation part 2

    Relocation of 15 employees to the former administrative wing of “Käserei Loose” in Vienenburg.

  • 3D planning

    Entry into 3D CAD planning for test bench orders at VOLKSWAGEN.

  • New branches and company name

    New IMF | Branch in Braunschweig headed by Frank Oentrich.

    New IMF | Branch in Essen headed by Isolde Matscheroth.

    New IMF | Branch in Goslar headed by Stefan Hegeler.

    Closure of site: “Käse Loose”.

    Trading under the name Ingenieurgesellschaft Meinhardt Fulst GmbH.

    Carsten Baumann, Stefan Hegeler †, Frank Oentrich & Christian Rilling receive power of attorney.

    The IMF team has grown to 100 employees.

  • Simulation

    Entry into computer-aided simulation.

  • Wolfenbüttel

    New IMF | Branch in Wolfenbüttel headed by Sebastian Krüger.

  • 20 years of IMF

    IMF celebrates its 20th anniversary.

    Sebastian Krüger receives power of attorney.

    New IMF | Branch in Hanover headed by Elmar Sander.

  • 200!

    New IMF | Branch in Wernigerode headed by Christian Rilling & Claudio Villa.

    The IMF team has grown to 200 employees.

  • New management

    Carsten Baumann becomes Managing Director.

    Eike Morfeld & Stefan Waßhausen receive power of attorney.

    New IMF | Branch in Bad Harzburg headed by Carsten Schrader.

  • 25 years of IMF

    IMF celebrates its 25th anniversary.

  • Generation change

    IMF remains a family business.

    Meinhardt Fulst retires und Gerald Fulst becomes Managing Director.

    The IMF team has grown to 250 employees.

IMF | Cooperation

IMF is a cooperation partner of the pioneer initiative "Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e.V.".