The answer is IMF

There are many good reasons to work at IMF. Of course, not everything is equally important to everyone. People are very different. And that is what they can and should be at IMF. We are friends of diversity.

Team play

We are convinced that good performance is easier to achieve with happy teams and a relaxed, harmonious mood. And besides, it also makes everyday work is so much more fun. The following keywords describe our cooperation to a tee:


  • Committed and motivated teams
  • Strong collegiality
  • Elan and experience in the age structure
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Short decision-making channels
  • Transparent communication
  • Constructive error culture
  • Strong innovative drive
  • Many company events


It’s the exciting and varied orders we are processing, that really make IMF stand out. Our younger colleagues are particularly enthusiastic about the development of their responsibility and practical expertise from initial planning considerations to the finished project. However, with us nobody is (left) alone. You can always rely on the support of a strong and experienced team.

  • Major projects
  • Interesting customers
  • Well-known developers
  • State-of-the-art software
  • 3D/BIM planning

  • Different industries
  • Great wealth of in-house experience

Framework conditions

Attractive conditions round off your career at IMF. We explore exactly what our employees expect from us as an innovative employer as part of ongoing, open discussions. Provided your wishes are realistic, we will try to realise as many of them as possible. 


  • Branch-wide exchange of experience
  • Regular training
  • Internal and external workshops
  • Independent organisation of the working day
  • Comprehensive decision-making authority for project managers
  • Small, well-structured branches
  • Short commute to work/ close to home
  • Team assistance (secretariats) at all branches
  • Company car policy (individual vehicle configuration, private use)
  • Smartphones and laptops for construction and project managers
  • Possibility of flexible working hours and mobile office
  • Permanent employment contracts
  • 13 monthly salaries
  • Appropriate familiarisation phases
  • Great opportunities for advancement
  • Promotion of personal development
  • Employer-funded pension
  • Capital accumulation benefits
  • Childcare support