Strong partnerships

Our engineering office enjoys several valuable partnerships and is well integrated within an expert network of architecture, statics and fire protection offices. This partnership foundation, together with our philosophy of maintaining open and honest communication, has allowed us to successfully implement numerous projects.


Dialogue between theory and practice

IMF supports the scientific advisory boards of the Ostfalia University and the Holzminden University by providing planning services in projects that are up-to-date and state of the art. For example, we are currently involved in planning of the charging infrastructure for the City of Hanover’s cleaning services (the federal government’s immediate action program “Saubere Luft” (clean air) with scientifically supported real laboratories, aka “living labs”).


Lectures & specialist presentations

The transfer of knowledge from practice to students is important to us and takes place at several universities as part of the Geothermal Plants lecture. In addition to education for students, we give numerous specialist presentations and are therefore part of a direct professional dialogue with other planners from all areas of the TGA and also cross disciplinary divides into other fields.

Always in exchange

The current mixture of the energy transition, new technical innovations and digitalisation are leading to new and demanding challenges across all areas of technical building systems and planning. A dialogue between practical application in our engineering offices and theory-oriented university departments is therefore particularly important to us.

Thanks to our commitment and cooperation with the following institutions, we are always in close contact with teaching and current market developments:

We cooperate very closely with the OSTFALIA University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel in experimental and research activities. IMF has been a volunteer on the Faculty Advisory Board for Supply Engineering since 2008. We support scholarships to train future Bachelor’s students and also offer the dual study program. This is based on the Energy and Building Technology degree program and combines vocational training and studies. Due to the inserted practical phases during the studies, the students receive a broadly based, practice-oriented education and a greater relation to the professional environment of supply engineering.

OSTFALIA - University of Applied Sciences

The construction degree programs at HAWK in Holzminden are characterized by a high level of practical relevance and a strong focus on the current requirements of the construction industry. A significant contribution to this is made by the Construction Advisory Board, of which IMF has been an experienced member since 2022.

On the one hand, the advisory board members are involved in an advisory capacity in the content-related design and further development of the Construction Management, Green Building and Energy Efficient and Sustainable Construction degree programs. On the other hand, they offer students internships and the opportunity to write practice-oriented bachelor's and master's theses.

HAWK - University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Holzminden

Qualified technicians working with heating, ventilation and climate control systems occupy important positions
at IMF for project management, planning, construction or construction management in our supply engineering projects.
By attending the two-year technical school for Heating, Ventilation and Climate Control Systems at BBS Fredenberg,
students can obtain the formal qualification of “state-certified technician”.
Technical system planners from IMF regularly choose this path of education after completing their training or once they have gained some professional experience.
IMF encourages potential candidates and ensures appropriate class sizes.
And we are always happy to welcome back within our ranks those specialists trained by the technical school in Salzgitter.

Qualified technicians for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology occupy important positions at IMF for project management, planning, design or construction management in our supply engineering projects. By attending the two-year technical school metal construction technology with a focus on building services engineering at the BBS | me, the educational qualification of "state-certified technician" can be achieved. Our technical system planners often decide to take this course of education after completing their training or after gaining some professional experience. The specialists trained by the BBS | me technical school are always welcome in our teams.

IMF is a member of the Fördergemeinschaft der Technikerschule Hannover e.V.

Vocational School of Metal Technology - Electrical Engineering of the Hannover Region

Bachelor and master theses

Theses by Bachelor and Master students play a central role in the development of new concepts. They offer engaging options of going beyond and immersing oneself within the project business, spending more time on research and generating new, applicable knowledge.

A few examples of past thesis topics include:
  • Forecast-guided concrete core temperature control in planning practice
  • Economical and environmentally compatible industrial refrigeration supply models
  • Storage and relocation of energy loads in commercial companies
  • Planning of regenerative energies in ventilation systems

IMF has the projects, contacts and implementation experience to make a difference here. We are also enthusiastic and open to everything that moves our industry forward. So formulate your ideas, attach relevant files and send it to:

IMF | Cooperation

IMF is a cooperation partner of the pioneer initiative "Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e.V.".