Swimming pool technology

When building new swimming pools, all expectations regarding flexibility of use and economic operation can be taken into account. In the case of renovations, on the other hand, the existing conditions must be analyzed particularly carefully and included in the planning. We advise you on your project and prepare VOB-compliant tenders for the following areas:

Planning, consulting, support in all facets

Due to our many years of experience in swimming pool technology and the intensive consultation during the planning and construction phase, we offer our customers the highest degree of security with regard to implementation quality and investments.

No matter whether your project is still a vision or has already been used by bathers for many years. In any case, you are always well advised to let experts participate in your considerations and planning at an early stage. We look forward to hearing from you.

IMF creates concepts for you to increase the attractiveness of the pools as well as to design the pool landscapes. At your request, we will examine the possibility of using public subsidies.

We also act as general planners for specific projects and offer you building construction, civil engineering and structural engineering services.

We cooperate with all parties involved in the construction, coordinate the execution services, accompany the acceptance and monitor the elimination of defects.

Bathing and service water must be used efficiently for reasons of cost and environmental protection. Energy-optimized water heating and demand-based treatment reduce operating costs and conserve natural resources. To optimize energy costs, we always check the use of the following technologies from an economic point of view as part of our planning:

  • Heat recovery
  • Solar absorber
  • Heat pumps
  • CHP plants

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