IMF | Safety at work


There are potential hazards and accidents almost everywhere and unfortunately they can never be completely prevented.

At IMF, our team of 12 safety officers and fire safety assistants as well as 15 first aiders ensure that the health and safety of all employees on construction sites, in offices and during business trips is regulated and protected.

Our Heiko Wolff was appointed as the new cross-location "Safety at work specialist" on April 22, 2024.

He recently passed his extensive qualification and certification tests with flying colors. In addition to his work in energy and facility management, Heiko has already been preparing risk assessments, giving instructions, supporting ASA meetings and providing expert advice to the management on occupational safety for several years.

We would like to congratulate Heiko and wish him every success and good luck for a continued healthy and accident-free working environment at all IMF | sites.