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Here you’ll find a few answers to some of the most common questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Meinhardt Fulst engineering company mainly works on regional and national projects all over Germany from its headquarters in Vienenburg and its seven other branches in Bad Harzburg, Braunschweig, Goslar, Hanover, Wernigerode, Essen and Wolfenbüttel.

Our IMF | Essen branch covers all of our projects in the Ruhr area and in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our provision of consultancy services both nationwide and internationally is ensured thanks to the high level of commitment and flexibility of our employees.

IMF currently has a project-specific base in Wolfsburg.

The Meinhardt Fulst engineering company is an engineering firm providing technical building equipment with over 250 employees at eight branches in Germany.

IMF | Project Managers and teams are individually and flexibly selected and put together within and across branches to meet the requirements of the respective client and developer. Due to the long-term cooperation with regular customers and the high number of different customers from the private, public and commercial area, IMF is able to handle projects of any size and constellation.

Basically, all engineering and drawing qualifications are available at our branches, so in theory any project could be pursued at any branch.

However, when assigning a project to a branch, we always take the following principles into account:

  1. Sufficient employee capacity must be available for optimal project processing. We avoid delegating processing across multiple branches.
  2. Our permanent customers are each supported by an IMF | Branch
  3. The distance to the project location should be as short as possible.

No, we work on all projects from the smallest size upwards.

Our services for small projects often include simple offer solicitation, coordination of the executing companies and billing of the services performed.

For some of our regular customers, we oversee and handle any “small measures”.

Accordingly, IMF does not define a basic minimum size for accepting a project, even for new customers.

No. Our planners are usually our site managers. Here we follow the philosophy that a change of staff within a project always means a loss of information that is at your expense.

We want to avoid this. Furthermore, through this way of working in the field of planning and construction management, our employees gain comprehensive experience that benefits the planning and construction process.

Yes. In addition to supply and electrical engineers, we also have architects and construction engineers in our ranks.

In projects in which the supply or electrical requirements predominate (e.g. for technical centres, infrastructure projects, in the construction of an outdoor swimming pool, etc.), we are also happy to offer you our services as a general planner.

Yes. We have numerous experienced planners and site managers in our ranks.

If required, they are also happy to take over project management.

Yes. We answer the frequent question about intelligent and sustainable concepts for energy production as well as ways of optimizing energy consumers with innovative implementation concepts, in which, besides the technical feasibility, we always pay close attention to an economic viability. For questions relevant to building construction (e.g. for the renovation of the outer building shell), we use the architects and construction technicians who are in our ranks.


Yes. Thanks to the constant integration of trainees, young professionals and graduates, as well as through our cooperation with the regional technical and engineering schools, we can draw on a wealth of experience. Our motto is targeted and sustainable training of new team members. Mentors support our IMF | Beginners with all technical and organisational questions.

Yes. We attach great importance to employee satisfaction and therefore take the distance between branch and place of residence or other preferences into account when choosing a branch.

It is possible to change branches if desired and we also support this to promote personal development.

Our project teams work in offices with two to three colleagues each. It is very important to us that all work can be performed quickly. The doors of our branch and central management are always open. We also have a secretariat at each of our branches, which is available for team and project assistance. The project teams are made up of young professionals and experienced colleagues. A large number of our employees have been with IMF for over 10 years or more.

Cooperation within our teams is always very goal-oriented and collegial. Problems that arise are discussed directly and constructively with one another, and the support of the branch or central management can always be counted on.

This pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere promotes our cohesion. Shared activities are also popular outside of working hours.

Anyone who knows us knows that the terms team spirit, friendship and trust apply in particular to IMF.

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