Our team event took place on 9 September 2022. The event around the Rappbode Dam in the Harz Mountains was simply fantastic! All participants received a team event T-shirt and a packed lunch at the beginning. We then hiked through the beautiful Bode Valley on three routes (easy/medium/difficult). The hiking groups consisted of up to 70 colleagues who took part in the challenges in teams with creative names such as "Bunga Bunga", "Ask Heiner" and "7-UP". In addition to broad general knowledge, a good eye and dexterity for catching and shooting the ball, a sense of direction was also required.

In a star formation, all the hiking groups met almost simultaneously at the intermediate destination, the Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus. In glorious late summer weather, we took over the entire outdoor catering in no time at all and recovered from the eventful journey. Fortified with all kinds of regional specialities, IMF was finally together again in one place after more than two years. It was just the right time to catch up with old companions and get to know new colleagues personally.

At the award ceremony that followed, we presented prizes to the most successful teams as well as to those colleagues who had shown particular competence or commitment in the challenges. Certificates and winning tickets for Megazipline, Ultrashot, Wallrunning or Gigaswing from Harzdrenalin were up for grabs. There is definitely no shortage of intrepid and courageous people at IMF! All winning tickets immediately found an enthusiastic colleague. Full of anticipation, our hiking route led us back to the Rappbode Dam - because adrenaline and thrills were on the agenda there for the finale. Congratulations and great respect for your courage!

Finally, Gerald Fulst thanked the entire team and the event organisers for the great event and this unforgettable day.