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IMF | extended family


Almost exactly 3 years ago, we redefined our corporate development and have since consolidated and stabilised the number and stabilised the IMF staff between 240 and 245 colleagues, in order to slow down the personnel growth of the previous years.

Stable through the pandemic

At the beginning of 2020, it still looked as if we would reach the "magic number" of 250 employees in the course of the year. of 250 staff members in the course of the summer. Due to the pandemic, this did not happen. Incidence values and lockdown phases had led to uncertainty and restraint in the working world.

IMF held together, defied the difficult marginal conditions and preserved all jobs. Of course, there were staff fluctuations at IMF during these times as well.

250 great people

All the more reason for us to announce today that we have cracked the two hundred and fifty mark after all. More than 250 great people have currently chosen to work at IMF.

More family than business

Even though we didn't really want to grow any more, we are very proud of this great team! As a down-to-earth family business, we are not a large company with corporate structures, nor do we want to become one.

In our 8 office locations with teams of about 30 colleagues on average, cohesion and personal contacts are the and personal contacts foster our family-like working atmosphere. Cross-location projects as well as the support and exchange of experience in the large IMF pool of experts make us an extended family.

And we always welcome new family members.