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IMF remains a family business


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Our company founder and boss Meinhardt Fulst will have his last working day at IMF on March 31, 2021. Meinhardt Fulst is moving into retirement, but will continue to be available to us as a consultant. Because IMF is his life's work! As an engineer and entrepreneur with brains, heart and soul, Meinhardt Fulst has built up and led IMF to become one of the most important engineering service providers in building technology in Germany. Whether as an employer, project manager, trainer, regional promoter or friend, everyone can count on Meinhardt Fulst. His helpfulness and social commitment, but especially his optimism and wealth of ideas, have left a lasting mark on our corporate philosophy, which makes IMF so special and is appreciated by customers and employees alike.  

We thank Meinhardt Fulst for his life's work and are very pleased that IMF will remain in the family with the 2nd generation.

Gerald Fulst joins the company management as a new shareholder on April 1, 2021 and takes over the management of the engineering company together with Carsten Baumann. Now already 5 years as site and project manager in the company, Gerald Fulst, especially through commitment and competence, has done his name credit.

IMF wishes Meinhardt Fulst furthermore a lot of energy in his blood, a more than deserved, calmer period of life and at the same time congratulates Gerald Fulst on his decision to take over the responsibility to continue IMF as a family business in the 2nd generation and to keep it on the road to success. THANK YOU MF! WELCOME GF!