A warm welcome


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At our Welcome Event on 14 November 2022 at the Dr├╝beck Monastery, we welcomed 40 new colleagues to IMF. A great new group of lovely, committed and competent people have chosen to work at IMF. Welcome to the team and good to have you with us!

Getting to know all the new IMFers in person and having a direct exchange with the management in a completely new setting was the focus of our event this year. In previous years, we had mainly used frontal teaching and slides to convey important company information as clearly as possible in the shortest possible time and in the required depth. For the participants as well as for the speakers, this was always a tight and packed daily programme. The actual need for knowledge that the colleagues still had after 1 to 12 months at IMF was not covered by this. And the goal of getting to know each other also fell by the wayside.

A new concept was needed. It had to be "smarter, more open, more demand-oriented, more interesting and more varied". We cleaned out the slides and reduced them to core messages, integrated an entertaining framework and break programme, developed a special speed dating and added a hybrid question and answer game. And the feedback we have received so far shows us that we were spot on.