Construction site - New elite storage facility


A new elite storage facility is currently being built on a construction site at KWS SAAT's main location in Einbeck. A compact building complex will house logistics, processing, refining, cooling and storage areas for seeds as well as the associated machinery and process technology. With a clever combination of aspects of sustainability, efficiency and economy, a DGNB certification PLATIN is aimed for (architecture: Plenge & Plenge GmbH & Co. KG).

The energy and supply concept we developed includes NH3 chillers, waste heat pumps, the extensive use of heat recovery systems in the building and plant processes, and the full coverage of the flat roof with photovoltaic modules. And as a highlight, treated wastewater from the nearby sewage treatment plants will serve as a heat source for a wastewater heat pump for process and building heating and cooling.

Together with our Hanover energy team, our Wolfenb├╝ttel location is responsible for the complete planning of the technical building equipment in this exemplary lighthouse project of KWS SAAT. We are looking forward to the next progress on the construction site and the start of the technical building equipment work.