100 successful apprenticeships


From 1994 until today, 100 trainees have successfully completed their training as technical draftsmen or technical system planners. We are very proud and look forward to the next educational 27 years!

Exam passed ✔︎ Permanent position ✔︎

This summer, Till Eggerling at the Goslar site and Niklas Totz from our headquarters in Vienenburg completed their training as technical system planners. We proudly congratulate them on passing their exams and wish them continued fun and success in the IMF team.

The two share with us their personal review of their training period with two short reports. Thank you very much for that.

Dream profession technical system planner

TestNiklas Totz: "Even during my school days, I was very interested in technology. In 2015, I decided to complete a company internship at the engineering company Meinhardt Fulst. From that point on, I knew that the profession of technical systems planner was my dream job.

In the end, I started an apprenticeship as a technical system planner at IMF in Vienenburg. I completed this in the period from 01 August 2017 to 23 June 2021. Since I spent a year in Austria during this period for private reasons, I worked at a company in Innsbruck during this time. Super that IMF enabled me to do this in such an uncomplicated way and welcomed me back so warmly afterwards.


The exciting thing about this job is working in a team on large projects with various CAD programs. The associated calculations are also extremely exciting, as they allow you to understand many technical details and interrelationships of a technical system.

Furthermore, the employees at IMF are very helpful, so I always got an answer to technical and design questions. This allowed me to continue learning day by day. In addition, I was also able to provide good CAD support to our project managers.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am very happy to have completed my training at IMF and that I have now been hired as a fully trained technical system planner."

About an internship into the apprenticeship


Till Eggerling: "After graduating from secondary school, I, like many others, did not know what to do. Do I do my A-levels or would I rather do an apprenticeship?

When I then came across the engineering company Meinhardt Fulst as a training company at a school event, I thought the profession of technical system planner might suit me. The design of building installations in connection with the calculations to be carried out aroused my interest.


Thereupon I did an internship at IMF and finally started the apprenticeship on August 1, 2018 at the Goslar site. The most exciting thing about the work is that you never do one and the same job. Every project is different. I also particularly like working in a team because the working atmosphere is very informal. Colleagues are always helpful and answer any questions that come up during the course of project work.

During the training, I was able to get more and more involved in the project work and thus support the specialist planners or project managers. I enjoyed the training at IMF a lot and now I am happy to remain a part of the company."

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