Our Values

Our values as an employer and service provider, which are equally appreciated by employees and customers, as well as the overall spirit at IMF are supported by a unique cohesion and team spirit. With courage, fun and passion we dedicate ourselves to our customers as well as to our projects

We achieve sustainable and long-term partnerships with high professional competence and strong commitment from each individual and through the overall strength of IMF.

Tangible authenticity, which may be characterized by sportsmanship and also a pinch of humor, are also part of our values.

With the focus on holistic and integral planning, the success of the project is always at the center of our attention. And cooperation based on partnership and trust ensures lasting customer and employee satisfaction.

Since the company was founded in 1994, IMF has stood for the continuous development and advancement of employees as well as the strengthening and expansion of its own service portfolio. In addition to this characteristic drive for innovation, currently for example in the areas of alternative energies, test stand technology, factory planning, BIM or VR technology, the consistent expansion and cultivation of core competencies has allowed IMF to grow into a powerful and competent player with nationwide significance in the field of technical building equipment and industrial supply.

Our project and construction managers act as far as possible in a self-determined manner and make free decisions in the sense of the common project goals. The prerequisites for this are trust and flexibility, which can only exist in a genuine family business with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.

The special and unique presence in the region between Harz and Heide enables IMF to serve customer requirements individually and specifically on the one hand, and on the other hand to master extensive project tasks effectively through cross-location cooperation. Here, too, the short distances between the locations, to the customer and not least to the homes of our employees are decisive for efficiency and quality.

We are countering the omnipresent shortage of skilled workers with self-sufficiency. At all our locations, we train technical system planners in equipment and electrical engineering. We cooperate with regional technical colleges and universities, provide support for bachelor's and master's theses, promote qualification and further training, and offer students initial insights into the varied and exciting activities in an engineering office.

We ensure the required climate protection and basically the sustainability in our daily activities by integrating our energy teams into the projects. With the creation of innovative and demand-oriented energy concepts, they take into account the intelligent use of renewable energies and analyze technical as well as economic framework conditions with strong commitment, experience and technical expertise.